YEAR:    2007

SITE:     Monterrey, MEX

SIZE:     240,000 FT2


Terminal 5 is a contemporary airport terminal leveraging simplified logistics and a lost love of air travel. Beneath an undulating cloud-like roof passengers are able to clearly and quickly understand circulatory paths and points of interest not based on elaborate signage, but instead and intuitive use of space and visual alignments. The departures area and check-in space affords a view through the length of the terminal, past security and shops and out to the waiting planes. Layers of transparent glazing separate conditioned and partially conditioned zones as well as safety perimeters. These visual connections from entry to exit both for departing and arriving passengers eases the stress of air travel today and increases the circulatory flow. At the gate, high acoustically-treated ceilings with washed light and expansive windows frame a view out to the tarmac and waiting passengers recall the awe of a bygone era of commercial flight.