NOV 2012  In a city with no shortage of head-scratching acronyms, the opportunity to create a new (albeit temporary) one seemed ironically appropriate. New Yorkers take great pride in the neighborhoods they live in. Each has its own distinct character, landscape, economics and people. Over the years, real-estate developers have been taking advantage of this by carving out pockets of existing neighborhoods and spinning them as new. Examples abound, but to name a few: TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal), NoLita (North of Little Italy), DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), and the most well known, SoHo (South of Houston). What was truly extraordinary about the storm (Hurricane Sandy) and the ensuing blackout was the distortion of these areas as they were represented in the news and conversation into a singular group.


Featured and published in the Atlantic Wire, NY Times, ARTINFO, NY Mag, swissmiss, and recently in BIG's Hot to Cold, An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation.